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My cattery
Litter available with blue eyes!

Nice, that you are taking a look at my Sphynxen site. I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Rixt and I live together with my family, cats and doggy´s in Amsterdam.
Noxalys is a sphynx cattery which on a modest scale, takes pleasure in the breeding of Sphynx cats.
Our Sphynx cats walk about freely in the house. We never make use of cages or benches.
We have approximately twice a year a litter of Sphynx kittens.

Our goal is the breeding of Sphynx cats with blue/aquamarin coloured eyes, which approach the race standard as closely as possible.
In our cattery the health and wellbeing of the cats is our first priority.
Our cats are tested on HCM yearly!
They are also tested on PKD, fiv en felv.

We also put emphasis on the nutrition and care of our Sphynx cats.
Every 3 or 4 weeks we give our cats a bath.
Our Sphynx cats need this many baths, but it is possible that other Sphynx cats need more or less baths.
Cats in general and our cats in particular do not like to be bathed.
In order to give the cats as little stress as possible, we first soap them with a soap free washing gel, whereafter we give them a good rinse with a warm shower.
After the rinse, we dry them with a deliciously warm and comfortable towel.
Besides the bath, also the nails and ears need attention.
We do the nail and ears once a week.
We clean the ears with a sensitive baby cloth and moist cotton buds.