Maine Coon cattery

January 15, 2019 22:30
About us
Welcome at cattery Recati. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tanja van Rij. I have 3 children (all boys). All three boys are very much in love with the Maine Coons and also very sweet for them. The youngest two like to play with the cats, which the cats like very much. My sons names are (in birth order)my, Casper en Timo. Hence the name of our cattery => Recati.

I have had cats all my life. My first two HTK cats (both tabby) have become 22 and 23 years. After they (one week apart, one died of sadness of the passing away of the other) were deceased , I′ve had no cats for one year.

When, after a year I went looking for new cats, I had already heard a lot of things about the Maine Coon (especially their friendly nature and beautiful appearance) and I wanted to buy two Maine Coon cats, but because of financial reasons I decided not to do so. Instead I bought two very black HTK cats.

A friend of me was breeding Sphynx cats and that triggered the idea for me to start breeding Maine Coons. That way I was able to have these wonderful and friendly cats. Ever since I got my Maine Coon ladies and gentleman, my oldest son got rid of his fear for cats, because the Maine Coons have such a friendly nature.

The Maine Coon virus has definitely struck here!